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Gallery of Scrolls p. 7

Elspeth von Bremen Pelican Scroll, painted in 2002

by Gael Stirler SCA Mistress Dairine mor o' uHigin
Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt
Gutenburg Studio of Scribes

Larger Image
A Pelican scroll for a Chiurgeon
watercolor and gauche on Arches Watercolor paper
Paper width: 20" height: 24"
Image area width: 14" height: 20"
Detail 1

Text area. I didn't have much room so I had to use the shortest amount of text possible for a Pelican. Also the paper was so absorbent it was a pain to use. I hated it at first but now I am much better at doing calligraphy on Arches or Strathmore watercolor paper.

Detail 2

Knight on horseback with war dog. I added a knight to the scroll because Elspeth is in the Army in mundane life.

Detail 3

Chiurgeon tends to dying man on left side of miniature. Chiurgeon receives a medallion from the King and Queen as light streams in through the window. I was very happy with this effect created by scumbling white over the background to simulate rays of light.

I was very pleased with this scroll when I did it but I have progressed a great deal since as you can see in my more recent scrolls below.

Godfrey Pelican Scroll, painted in 2008

Larger Image

Detail 1

Left hand page. The portrait is based on the early 16th century style of Simon Bening. The borders are based on the style of a contemporary of his, Lucas Hornabout, but they are totally original designs of mine. Look closely, you will see that he is holding a digital camera because he is the website manager and has taken pictures of every member of the kingdom for the OP.

Detail 2

The text is in Bastarda and the caps are foliated (leafed). There is a faint greenman face inside the large "P". The recipients heraldry is on his shield and it is supported by a pelican and a heron holding a rock. The coins flanking the achievement represent his awards and offices.

Ilora Pelican Scroll, painted in 2010

Larger Image
of the whole scroll which is based on a prayer book by Simon Bening for the Queen of Spain.

Detail 1

Here is a close up of the Kingdom arms flanked by two facing Pelican badges.

Detail 2

Two little angels support her arms since she was the Children's activity autocrat for Estrella War for several years.

Detail 3

This detail shows the portrait of Ilora. She is wearing a satin embroidered gown trimmed in fur and sitting on the grass unraveling yarn. In the background you can see tents and banners, a road with standing water, and trees receding into the far distance.

Leot's Laurel Scroll, painted in 2010

Larger Image
of the whole scroll which is based on a the DeCosta Hours by Simon Bening.

Detail 1

The left-hand page of the diptych featuring a miniature portrait of Leot at work carving bone. A patron approaches with a bag of money and a book of heraldry with a page bookmarked. Leot's wife eyes the money and the patron admires the carvings on the table. Leots wife holds a red cape bearing Leots arms surrounded by a laurel wreath. She stands by a throne that Leot inlaid with polish bone.

Detail 2

The backgrounds depict a blue and yellow display of the kind of jewelry Master Leot makes. There are over 500 pearls and a dozen fancy buttons on the ribbon lattice work. The text is written in a Bastarda style with foliated gold caps.

Detail 3

Since I didn't want to break the Queens name, I let the letters run into the border, then I added a jester figure to "pull" the edge out to make room for her name.

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AKA Mistress Dairine mor o' hUigin, OL

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