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Gallery of Scrolls p. 8

Lady Bloxam Lamp of Tir Ysgithr Scroll

by Gael Stirler SCA Mistress Dairine mor o' uHigin and Apprentice Isabeau Vizeé
Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt
Gutenburg Studio of Scribes

Large Image

Lamp of Tir Ysgithr Lady Bloxam
watercolor and gauche on off-white Arches Watercolor paper
Paper width: 20" height: 24"
Image area width: 16" height: 22"

Detail of Inital

Gold Leaf and gauche
I painted the "D" in white first and the blue was added on top but it gives the appearance of being done the opposite.

Lady Bloxam is well-appreciated for her work as a waterbearer but she also crochets humorous hats, loves frogs and going barefoot at most events. I was able to work her likeness and these personal touches into this scroll since I was told who the scroll was going to ahead of time.


Miniature Details

I drew the miniature in ink on the paper first then covered all of the miniature area with white gesso. It was thin enough to still see the lines of the drawing but opaque enough to create a white ground for the painting. This made the off-white paper much easier to paint and the colors came out brighter.

Text area

M'lady Isabeau did the calligraphy and most of the borders. I did the borders between the columns and the filagree at the bottom of the text. The name wasn't added until just before court.

Detail figure

Detail of figure in right hand border and some of the acanthus leaves. This shows Bloxam with a plate of goodies on her head walking around barefoot as she serves as waterbearer.

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AKA Mistress Dairine mor o' hUigin, OL

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