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Gallery 1

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"Ongaresca da parto" or birth theme bowl (8" rimmed soup bowl)
This piece is based on 15th and 16th century maiolica dishes that celebrated the role of motherhood during birth. Gifts of dishes, many in sets, with cozy domestic scenes or naked male children were given to the mother-to-be to help her turn her thoughts to a successful birth and rapid recovery. I painted this in June 2004 for a friend's baby shower. Since she is black, I gave the mother and child slightly African features.

Reverse of bowl
The outside of the bowl is painted with two large-breasted harpies and two urns to encourage lactation.

larger picture

larger picture

Woman with a flowered head scarf (13" charger)
This is modeled after a drawing of a woman by Leonardo daVinci. Detail of the face shows how the modeling is made up of cobalt lines and washes. The transparent colors were layered over the lines.

Reverse of same
The back is decorated in a Spanish Folk design of flowers, olives and leaves.

larger picture

larger picture

Jeorg Fugger (13" charger)
This is modeled after a portrait from the quatrocento by Bellini of an Italian banker with the unfortunate name of Jeorge Fugger. Here he is depicted in the golden armor of Apollo. The sgraffito initials in the background are "MMII" for 2002 A.D., the year it was painted. The modeling of the face was created by layering thin glazes and washes of cobalt oxide to create a watercolor-like portrait. The use of black and tomato red makes this charger very striking.

Reverse of same
The back is decorated in the same late italian style with twirling acanthus leaves and a slim geometric border.

larger picture

larger picture

Coronation Plate for Jonathan and Deille (13"plate)
This charger was made for the King and Queen of Atenveldt (SCA term, means Arizona). It is done in the style of 13th century continental manuscript illumination. The border is a cornucopia and palmetto border similar to the one described in lesson 3. The background of the border is left white but the palmettos are a bright orange, accented with brick red.

Detail of Coronation Plate
The figures are animated as if having a good time talking during the dinner. The meal includes bread, poultry, and fish. There is a pitcher of wine and a salt cellar on the table as well. There are little gargoyle faces in the scalloped border around the dinner scene. The thin line drawings were painted with a #0 liner brush.

larger picture


"Musica" wall panel (16" by 20")
This panel is made of 20 4" X 4" terracotta tiles, you can see the darker tile color through the semi opaque glaze. This was made as a Chrismas gift for a musician.

Detail of "musica"
The folds of the dress were created by painting the outlines and shadows first with cobalt oxide then glazing the entire gown with a translucent cobalt carbonate glaze. Painting tiles is difficult because they can shift as you work. To prevent this I put them into a frame and wedged popsicle sticks around the perimeter until they were secure.

larger picture


Head of the Virgin (13" bowl)
The painting of the Virgin is based on a fresco from a chapel in Florence. She has just turned her head from her handwork towards a strange glow as the Angel of the Annunciation appears. There is no fear on her face, only intense interest and love. The Deruta-style borders around the portrait frame her like radiant halos.

Detail of Virgin
The subtle coloring in her pale skin is created by using an underpainting of mint green and then crosshatching ochre, scarlett and taupe over the green in the manner of the old masters. Highlights were built up by layering opaque white glaze over the forehead and nose to create dimension that catches the light.

larger picture


Reverse side of Head of the Virgin (13" bowl)
I painted a lily mandala on the bottom of the bowl so that it would be beautiful from all sides. The sides are decorated with a simple rainbow pattern.

Border Detail
The border includes many different elements including overlapping scales, rose leaves, and these large fleur d' lis motifs. Note how fine and precise the cobalt blue lines are yet they retain a spontaneous fluidity.


border detail

Bella Philamena (5" powderbox)
This small round vessel has a garland of leaves and fruit around the side. The inside is glazed and decorated with a floral pattern. The lid has a lovely stylized portrait of "Bella Philamena" which is also written on the bannerole. Here are links to this piece in progress. The pencil drawing. The unfired powder box.

Detail of lid after firing
Detail of lid before firing

Powder box

Detail of lid

Heraldic Display Trophy Plate (10")
This plate will be given out as a First Place prize at Estrella War for best Heraldic Display in the Arts and Sciences competition. The design is taken from a Medieval Seal. The arms are not meant to portray any particular person. The dots in the border are raised. Signed on the back "Lady Dairine Mor o' Uhigin 2002", but it will be be given out in 2003.

Clothing Award Plate (10")
This plate is for the Period Clothing Construction 1st Place Award at Estrella War XIX. Dated 2002 but will be given out in 2003.

heraldic trophy

clothing trophy

Jesus Presented in the Temple (10" plate)
The central scene depicts the infant Jesus being presented by Mary and Joseph to the elders at the temple. Like most period renderings of this episode the baby looks several months old. Everyone looks very happy in the picture. The border and figures are of Carolingian style.

Period Accessories Award (10" plate)
This piece has an elaborate border of foliage, rose leaves, and diapering. The colors are bright, clear and transparent enough to reveal the dark cobalt lines that were laid down first.

larger picture

larger picture

Virtute Non Verbis (13" charger)
This plate is larger than the others and very impressive. The bannerole says "Virtute non verbis" which means "By valor not words". The brocade in the lady's dress is highlighted with dimensional glaze for a subtle but stunning effect. The dots in the border are also raised. Signed Gael Stirler 2002.

Detail of Virtute Non Verbis

Here is a line drawing of the central figure for tracing

larger picture

Closeup detail of lady

Lily Mandala Plate (10")
This plate has a gold border of overlapping feather designs. The gold color was created with a rutile oxide based glaze. It left the plate very rough so I gave it a thick coat of clear glaze and fired it again.

Peacock Oil Jug
The oil jug was designed to match. I used the rutile glaze on this piece, too, but I left it rough to give it a more interesting texture, especially on the neck where you grab it. The peacock feather area is glossy.

larger Lily Mandala plate

larger jug picture

The "Seranade" (12")
A 12" coupe plate made for the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus. This is the Arts and Science Champion plate. It is an illustration of a young woman in a fine dress listening to a lute player while an old scholar mixes potions in the background and a young page arrives with fruit and cheese. 2006

Video of the Making of the "Seranade"
This 5 part video is made of short (under10 minutes) videos demonstrating the techniques used to make this Delf-style plate.

larger picture

View Video

Rapier Champion Plate (12")
This plate is for the rapier champion so I pictured a deadly duel from <i>Capo Fero</i>. There is a cartouche in the sky bearing the heraldry of the award and the date that is supported by two naked sprites. 2006

Archery Champion Plate (12")
This delft-style plate shows Robin Hood on his deathbed about to shoot his last arrow out the window to indicate the spot where he is to be buried. I like the effect of the light shining through the wicker window screens. 2006

larger picture

larger picture

Bardic Champion Plate (12")
This plate shows a gathering in a courtyard where the queen and her courtiers are listening to a bard play the harp. 2006

Baronial Champion Plate (12")
This plate shows a damsel in distress who has been abducted by evil Sir Monfort. Just as he is bullying her into his castle, her champion arrives and challenges Montfort to a duel. 2006

larger picture

larger picture

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