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Museums and Libraries

Borrowed from Despina

Leaves of Gold

Treasures from the Philadelphia Collection. Leaves of Gold is organised into five sections that highlight several major types of medieval books: Bibles, Psalters, Books of Hours, Liturgical Manuscripts, and Literary Texts. This website shows two images from each book in the exhibition, the exhibited opening and an additional page from the book.More than 80 of the choicest objects were exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art March 10 - May 13, 2001 and at the Frist Gallery for the Visual Arts (Nashville TN) from September 27, 2001 - January 6, 2002.

A Hypertext Book of Hours

The Book of Hours did not appear as an identifiable class of book until the thirteenth century. Before that time, Christians wishing to say a daily round of prayers had to seek guidance from some other type of book.

Age of King Charles V: 1338-1380 (French)

From The Bibliothéque Nationale de France, the manuscript of the Age of King Charles V - lots of gold, lots of diapering, lots of figures. Very good resource.

Bibliothéque Nationale de France

Several other manuscripts from the library, including Gaston Phoebus, Book of the Hunt, 15th Century. (BNF, FR 616) , Breviary of Martin of Aragon, 15th Century. (BNF, ROTH 2529), Grandes Chroniques de France, 14th Century. (BNF, FR 2813), The Catalan Atlas, 14th Century. (BNF, ESP 30), and others. Worth checking out, even if you don't do French work.

Black Book of hours 15th century Burgundian

This is a facsimile of Vienna Codex 1856, a Burgundian Manuscript of c.1470 written and illuminated on black vellum. Actually, it is all the illuminated pages thereof; the other text pages having at most minor outer margin panel borders. There are 61 illuminated leaves each measuring approximately 10-1/2" x 7-1/2".

Bodleian Library Manuscript images

Period manuscripts in the Bodleian library

British Library - Treasures online

The Sherborne Missal, The Lindisfarne Gospels, and the Sultan Baybars' Qur'an, as well as several other wonderful SCA period manuscripts are all here - in slightly abrevviated form. Amazing digitization of the works.

Choix de miniatures des manuscrits de l'Université de Liége

Miniatures in the collection of the University of Liege. The site is in French. The images come up quite large and a lot of detail can be seen.

Creating the French Culture

From an exhibit. Nice pieces, not a lot of manuscripts but they do come up well on the screen. Manuscripts shown date from the 8th century thorough the present. The exhibit was in 1995

Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

Music manuscripts in British museums and libraries

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

This site provides access to over 80 early manuscripts now in institutions associated with the University of Oxford. Between 1995 and 2000 the Early Manuscripts Imaging Project created high resolution digital images from manuscripts which were selected as major treasures from their respective libraries, to create wider availability for originals which may otherwise be too fragile for handling.

Fouquet exhibition

Lots of Jean Fouquet's artwork. The wording is all in French, but the art is universal.

Hungarian Illuminated Manuscripts

Hungarian illuminated manuscripts (1450-1500) from the Web gallery of art. The images open in a seperate web window when you click on them, making viewing of details easier.

J. Paul Getty Museum

They have several of their pages up. Nice.

Les Eluminures - commercial site

In the very center of Paris next to the Louvre, the gallery Les Enluminures is located in a large complex of high- quality antique shops called the Louvre des Antiquaires since September 1991. The gallery takes its name from the French word for "illuminations," or miniatures, which are hand-painted pictures in books written by hand, or manuscripts. Nice stuff you won't see elsewhere.

Life of King Edward the Confessor

From Cambridge's digital library, 12th century manuscript

Maciejowski Bible

Ignore the bad animated gifs and everything - this has GREAT scans of the full plates of the first bit (36 plates, recto and verso) of the Maciejowski Bible. Additionally, there are extreme close ups of some of the smaller details - maybe not the details you want, but they're great nonetheless.

Manesse Codex

Beautiful on-line version of the Manesse Codex. There are others out there for this source as well.

Manuscript links

If you don't know where to go to find manuscripts - go here. Many sites are listed, not all of the links work all of the time but it's a fantastic resource leading to many other places. Definately worth a browse.

Manuscripts - links

Where to go when you don't know for what you're looking. Great sources, divided by country.

Morgan Library

Detailed images of 6 manuscripts in the collection of the Morgan Library. Beatus Apocalypse, Livre de la chasse, Da Costa Hours, Moralized Bible, Catherine of Cleves, and the Farnese Hours.

National Library of the Netherlands

Images from the holdings of the Kroninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. This can be searched by looking at the highlights of the collection, by subject, or if you know more details about a specific piece, you can search for it too. Amazing stuff here.

Pictures - Theatrum Sanitatis - M. Moleiro Editor, S.A.

Period manuscript on how to enjoy life, live in harmony with nature and not harm one's health

Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library

According to recent research, chiefly that of José Ruysschaert, lately vice- prefect of the Vatican Library, it was indeed Nicholas V who conceived the idea of a public or "Vatican" library, as distinct, that is, from a purely papal or private one, but it was Sixtus IV who actually put flesh on the idea. To be effective, the argument runs, an installation such as a library needs a place, order, and organization.

Schoyen Collection - Manuscripts

Listing of manuscripts in their collections with single picture from each manuscript listed. The picture enlarges in a seperate window when you click on it. Not everything is SCA period, but it's got some wonderful things.

Schoyen Collection Bindings

There are over 60 monastic bindings of 10th-15th c., in this collection, including 11 chained bindings, as well as cuir-ciselé, wallet and chemise bindings. A group of 70 bookboxes of 12th BC-19th c. AD is the largest known.

St. Laurentius Digital Manuscripts, Lund University

The Manuscript Department of the University Library, Lund, in collaboration with NetLab of Lund University Libraries, is digitizing and making accessible on line its collection of Medieval manuscripts. Manuscripts from the 10-16 centuries, including letters and such. Worth a look.

Theodore Psalter - Byzantine

The information on this website presents the theory of hypertext and its medieval application in Byzantine manuscripts, using examples from the Theodore Psalter, a manuscript created in 1066 in the Stoudious monastery near Constantinople.

University of Heidelburg in Germany

Welcome area is in English, the remainder is is German. Nice illuminations and good calligraphy examples. They have a program to digitize and make public their library of medieval medical manuscripts.


Not all of these are in the SCA period, however, due to the difficulty finding Welsh manuscripts the site is included here.

Generate your own calligraphy templates

A simple perl script that generates custom-sized calligraphy guidelines that you can print on your laser or inkjet printer.
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