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Gallery of Scrolls p. 1

Table of Scrolls

Here are examples of SCA scrolls painted by Gael Stirler (SCA Lady Dairine mor o' h'Uigin) as part of an ongoing class in 15th century illumination. Click on the thumbnail images of the scrolls to see the full size scans. The scans are 75 to 150K jpeg files except for the pelican scroll which is a gif. These scrolls are available unpainted through the Gutenberg School of Scribes for about $1 each. The price includes the right to reproduce the UNPAINTED scrolls for SCA use. Now Out of Print

Each scroll can be painted in a variety of ways and I will try to illustrate an alternate example for each. It is my hope that you will become inspired to paint scrolls for your Kingdom and local groups and that this teaching will help you to reach that goal.

For those of you who are accomplished artists, I hope this inspires you to design similar lesson scrolls that will help you teach new illuminators this special craft and you will start your own School of Scribes based on this model.

The tenents of the Gutenberg School of Scribes

  1. Every scribe should sign their work so that the heralds can give them credit in court when the scroll is presented. In a volunteer organization, this is the only payment the scribes get for their work and it should never be denied.
  2. No finished scroll is to be color-photocopied for use as an award, only for archiving and educational purposes. Everytime a color-photocopy is given as an award (even a promissory) it denies an aspiring scribe the opportunity for involvement. It also takes the pressure off the arts and scribes officers to promote calligraphy and illumination. This leads to a fall-off in in the numbers of scribes making scrolls.
  3. To insure that the right to their work is protected, all students of this school are urged to add " © 1998 " (or the year produced) to the back of their scrolls. This means that the scroll can not be reproduced without the expressed consent of the artist.
  4. Every scroll should be marked on the front with a " maker's mark " in the lower lefthand corner. This is so we can tell who painted the scroll after it is framed. The calligrapher, if different from the illuminator, should mark the upper righthand corner. Look for my marks on these scrolls. It looks like a "d" with a dot in it. I have written a copyright line at the bottom of each of my master scrolls. This is for filing purposes and can be cut off after it is painted or hidden under the edge of a frame.
  5. Scrolls below a Grant of Arms should be designed for ready-to-use frame sizes; i.e. 8" X 10", 8.5" X 11", 11" X 14", 16" X 20", 18" X 24". This makes it easier for the recipient to display the award scroll.

The Promissory Award of Arms Scrolls

NOTE: Click on the thumbnail image to see the full-color scroll. Click on the name of the scroll to see the scroll before it's painted.

GUT-AoAF1 Female Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
11" X 14"
Figure painted in pink. The diaperwork is painted in the traditional way in red, blue, and gold with whitework on top. The small bar borders are a sampling of many different designs.

GUT-AoAF1 Female Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
11" X 14"

Figure painted in red, blue, and yellow. The diaperwork was divided into triangles and painted like jewels. The sun in splendor was painted orange with yellow and red cross hatching to give it modeling.

GUT-AoAM1 Male Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
11" X 14"
Figure painted in green and yellow. More small bar borders and diapering. This scroll gives students and opportunity to draw leaves, bugs, and designs on a vase.

GUT-AoAMF1 Non-Gender-Specific Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
14" X 11"
The corners and wide borders on this scroll are blank and can be used for a variety of techniques. Here I have painted miniature portraits and heraldry in the corners. The wide borders are filled with twirling acanthus leaves. I liked it so much I made a reproducible like it for beginners.

GUT-AoAMF1 Non-Gender-Specific Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
14" X 11"
This is nearly the same scroll painted a different way. It has blue enameled medallions encrusted with jewels in the corners. The wide bar borders are painted to look like tooled leather. This scroll would be an appropriate award for a squire.

GUT-AoAMF2 Non-Gender-Specific Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
14" X 11"
This scroll is an elaborate design worked on the basic AoAMF1 scroll. The designs are from 14th century stained glass windows. There is little for the artist to improvise on this scroll, instead its purpose is to improve the student's brushwork technique.

GUT-AoAMF3 Non-Gender-Specific Award of Arms Promissory, Atenveldt.
14" X 11"
This scroll is similar to the blue AoAMF1 scroll above but it is rendered for beginners. The portraits, heraldry and acanthus leaves are all drawn in for the student so they can concentrate on learning the technique of painting the leaves before learning how to draw them.

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Unless otherwise noted all art is the work of Gael Stirler.
AKA Mistress Dairine mor o' hUigin, OL

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