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Gallery of Scrolls p. 2

Kingdom Level Award Scrolls

Click on the thumbnail image to see the full-sized scan. Click on the name of the scroll to see the scroll before it's painted.

GUT-OFSMF1 Non-Gender-Specific Order of the Fleur de Soliel, Kingdom of Atenveldt.
8.5" X 11"
This lesson emphasizes fine brush control. The center of the O is empty and the scribes can fill it with a miniature of an artist or musician or other design of their fancy. I have filled it with a portrait of Thurough O' Carolan, the blind harper. I painted diaperwork behind the figure but left his cushion plain. The manuscript that inspired this scroll can be seen on p. 87 of The Illuminated Page by Janet Backhouse and available through Chivalry Sports. It is from the Salvin Hours 1270 A.D. The original is painted almost entirely in red and blue with a touch of green in the miniature. The scribe was careful to balance the amount of blue and red used in the piece.

GUT-OHLMF1 Non-Gender-Specific Order of the Hawk's Lure, Kingdom of Atenveldt.
8.5" X 11"
When you look at the unpainted scroll you will see that only the basic layout is drawn and the emblem of the order, the Hawk's Lure. The scribe can employ all of the techniques on this scroll creating a totally unique work. When I painted this one I chose the picture from lesson one for the miniature. I changed the heraldry and positions of the fighters a little and I tried to keep the naive anatomy and facial expressions of the original. I first did the drawing with pencil, very lightly, then I drew over it with a #0 brush and black waterproof ink. The brush gave me a more expressive line than a pen.
The hawk's lure is painted traditionally to look like it is made of brown feathers with a braided cord of white, yellow and blue. The woody-vine type leafy-border is anchored to a medium sized bar border of red and blue tiles. The border at the bottom is very interesting because of the scrolling acanthus leaf and the splashes of abstract leaves. I found the sparkly-looking stars and many of the other elements of this scroll in the The Illuminated Page mentioned above.
You may put any battle scene or portrait of an armored fighter in the frame and finish the blank borders with any style of leafy border you enjoy painting. Just remember to keep the colors in the braid blue, yellow, and white and to keep at least half an inch border unpainted around all sides.

Peerage Promissory Scrolls

Click on the thumbnail image to see the full-sized scan.

GUT-KSCA1 & 2 Non-Gender-Specific Knighthood Promissory, Atenveldt.
8" X 10" two piece; part1, part 2.
This scroll is usually painted in bright colors as a daylight scene. Here I have chosen to paint it as a night time battle with the comet in gold leaf. It is a two-part scroll meant to be displayed in a hinged frame as a diptych.

GUT-OLMF1 & 2 Non-Gender-Specific Laurel Promissory, Atenveldt.
8" X 10" two piece; part1, part 2.
Another two part scroll diptych. This scroll has a blank spot where the initial cap goes allowing the students to add their own design here. There is even room on the side of the text for a little border. The backround behind the Muse can be painted with diaperwork, tapestries, a starry night sky, or a landscape. The clothing on the Muse can be painted with elaborate or simple brocade patterns.

GUT-OPMF1 Non-Gender-Specific Pelican Promisory, Atenveldt.
8" X 10" two piece; part1, part 2.
Another two part scroll diptych (only the carpet page is shown). A lovely scroll depicting a wide variety of animals living in harmony.

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