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Gallery of Scrolls p. 4

One-of-a-kind Award Scrolls

Populace Choice 1998 Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Championship

8.5" X 11"
This small scroll has a miniature still life painted at the bottom in watercolor.Detail of Miniature The carved picture frame, lute and the prayerbook on the right represent arts. The sciences are represented by the armillery sphere, the skull, and the compass and square. The border on the left is a spear and vine design of my invention. It has rubies, sapphires, pearls and a large emerald set in a band in the spear. The top and bottom of the spear end in balls of gold instead of points. The vines are covered with maple leaves, red blossoms and buds. I added a few strong highlights to the knotwork and some stars to the vines. The initial cap is painted in gold with a ground of cobalt blue decorated with small white flowers.

from the Getty museum

Winner of the Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Championship 1998

11" X 14"
This scroll was based on the work by Taddeo Crivelli (on the right). I used blue as the overall theme color for the background. I replaced the dove was with the Kingdom Arms. I put "Champion of Arts and Sciences" on the ribbon around the emblem. The words on the ribbon on the right are "Atenveldtus Glorius", our Kingdom motto. The bundle at the top symbolizes arts (brush, pen, quill) and sciences (herbs, spoon, knife). I made the pine trees in the style of the pine tree on the unicorn tapestries because I was amused by the weepy pine needle shapes. This is my first attempt at using real gold leaf.

Youth Champion 1998 Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Championship

11" X 14"
This border was first sketched lightly in pencil. Then I put a wash of yellow ochre over the border area. I laid in the base colors of the acanthus leaves then outlined them in darker shades of the same colors. I went back and highlighted the leaves with very fine white strokes using a #0 brush. There was so much fine detail on this I gave myself a crushing headache by holding my breath as I painted. The animals were painted in much the same way. The ribbon at the bottom says Youth Champion of Arts and Science. The original award text started with "Be it known..." but I wanted to start with an"O" so I added "Oyez" which means "Listen". I found the monkey on the right in a period manuscript. He looked like Curious George to me so I thought he would be good on a children's award scroll. The bird was also on that scroll but I came up with the hare, the other monkey, the bugs, mouse and kitten myself.

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